Who is Donna Troy?

There was a time the answer to that question was important to me. Then DC changed her origin story so many times that I lost track and simply didn't care any more. You'll find her first origin story summarized at the top of the first picture on this page. It's from Wonder Woman 266 (April 1980) as Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl attends the funeral of the original Teen Titans mentor, Mr. Jupiter, only to find that the reports of his death are somewhat premature.

It seems Donna pulled the old switcheroo which is perhaps why the fake golden lasso looks so brown in one of those panels. Still if it was a fake where's the real lasso?

While Mr. Jupiter survived his secretary's plot he didn't survive the Crisis on Infinite Earths. In the rewritten Teen Titans continuity detailed in the 1989 Secret Origins Annual they never had a mentor and to my knowledge Mr. Jupiter has not been seen in any post Crisis comics. Incidentally while Donna Troy (a name presumably invented by the Amazons so that didn't just have to call her, "Hey, You!") was raised on Paradise Island her powers were the result of experimentation by their Chief Scientist Paula with the Purple Ray. Back in the Golden Age (or Earth 2 as it was then known) the Amazons could train any woman to reach their physical peak. Indeed Paula had started out as Wonder Woman's worst enemy, the Baroness Paula Von Gunther before reforming and becoming an Amazon but they became a breed apart from humanity on Earth One. Presumably their Paula had always been an Amazon but later developments rendered this a moot point. Anyway shortly after the story above Wonder Girl again returned to center stage in the DC Universe when the Teen Titans reformed. Unlike their last incarnation this new version under the title The New Teen Titans struck a chord and the first issue (November 1980) flew off the shelves. This assured the title a long life and gave the co-creators, writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez, plenty of issues to run their young heroes through all sorts of fiendish gauntlets. Starfire got the most solo scenes but Donna got to show grace under pressure in plenty of group scenes. Well maybe not in this one but it's a purely symbolic cover as they were actually hit by a mind control beam from an obscure supervillain known as the Puppeter who didn't survive to trouble the group again.

If you're interested Donna featured in other group perils scenes

But she also got a solo scene when the Titans teamed up with her "Sister"

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