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Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran (a world in the Vegan solar system) seemed to wind up in chains more than the other female members of the New Teen Titans. Probably because she was the only escaped slave in the group having been handed over to the Citadel as part of the peace treaty between the Citadel and Tamaran. That clause of the treaty was at the insistence of her elder sister Komand'r who had sold out their homeworld for a position of power in the Citadel. As you can see from the picture above the sadistic Komand'r (aka Blackfire) made a great dominatrix style villaness. In the first issue of The New Teen Titans Koriand'r ended six years of slavery by escaping thanks to her newly acquired starbolts.. Her sister (who had gained similar powers when they were both captured by the Psions and experimented upon) didn't like that and sent her minions to bring her back. But while they recaptured Koriand'r she was soon freed by the newly reformed Teen Titans.

Taking the name Starfire (Kory to her friends) the Princess joined the team though her warrior training tended to occasionally clash with terrestrial ethics. This was in the days when superheroines killing criminals was frowned upon though comics seem to be a lot more liberal toward homicidal heroines these days. But I digress. Anyway Starfire joined the Titans in taking on villains like Dr. Light's Frightful Five. For a midget Gizmo was pretty fast to be able to slap those gravity cuffs on Starfire. How did he even reach her wrists?

When she fell victim to the staple supervillain technique of mindcontrol her teammate Gar Logan (aka Changeling) demonstrated the advantages of being able to shapechange when it came to grabbing girls.

As I said heroines killing villains used to be frowned on which is why Wonder Girl tried to stop her when Koriand'rs boyfriend was killed. The guy had been hired to seduce her but made the fatal mistake of falling for her for real so his employer killed him. On the plus side that cleared the way for her subsequent romance with Robin.

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