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The Spoiler

Scans contributed by Nicolas

A relatively recent heroine whom I'm not too familiar with The Spoiler started off as a teenager named Stephanie Brown. Whose main claim to fame was being the daughter of long time second banana Batman villain, The Cluemaster. Like most teenagers Stephanie rebelled against her father. Which in her case meant refusing to follow in his footsteps as a career costumed criminal. Instead in her new guise as amateur heroine "The Spoiler" she began planting the solutions to the clues left by her father. After aiding in his arrest she decided to retain her Spoiler identity. She had become hooked on both crime fighting and the thrill of adventure. She had also developed a serious crush on the current Robin (Tim Drake) and wanted to become his partner in more ways than one. Both concerned about the Spoiler's inexperience and attracted to her Robin was amenable to the idea and the two have worked together on many occasions. Of course things don't always go well for the new dynamic duo. For example in Robin #44 they had a really bad day and fell victim to Gotham City's newest and dumbest costumed criminal.

As you can see the Spoiler was still getting used to the idea of the good guys having to try and save the villain's life. To be fair it's only natural to want to leave them to fry so we can't blame her. Anyway that concludes this page. If I get any more material on Stephanie I'll post it as time permits.

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