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Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane

At least that's how she always used to be introduced!

The cover doesn't lie! Lois finds herself strapped to a target by a leader of the 100 Crime Syndicate who's trying to learn the secret her sister Lucy Lane (supposedly) died to protect. Being used as a human dartboard doesn't break her but being tricked into thinking her sister is alive and in the bad guys' clutches does the trick. Luckily Superman turns out to have returned in disguise and rescues Lois before the Omega Power secret fall into the wrong hands

This cover's slightly exaggerated as only Lois and Thorn wind up in the deathtrap. Thorn and Lois worked as a team for a few issues, Thorn being a crimefighter with a few more mental problems than most. She was actually the second personality of Rose Forrest, a quiet woman whose father had been murdered by the 100. When night came Thorn would take over and wage a one-woman campaign against the 100 who ran most of the street level crime in Metropolis. She cleaned up the small stuff Superman just didn't have time to handle.

Anyway this issue brought the 100 to its knees as Lois and Thorn learned the identities of the syndicate's 77 remaining members. Though as you can see they had a few problems along the way. PS in case you're wondering Superman didn't save the day, Julie (the lady down bottom) took care of that.

Believe it or not this cover's accurate. Except that inside Lois isn't sporting such a fetching outfit. Unfortunately the story is hopelessly convuluted. Lois is investigating a Swami whose disciples claim he he gave them enlightenment by killing them then resurrecting them. A number of the richer disciples dropped out of sight immediately afterwards so Lois decides to get to the bottom of this as whatever is going on should make a great story. She's counting on Superman to rescue her if things get bad but doesn't know that he's just had a run-in with a gorilla that picked up a krytonite aura from a Kryptonian space probe that just touched down in Africa and this makes him vulnerable to the Swami's mind control and ...

Oh, forget the summary I'll never get it to make any sense. Ludicrous story or not this cover's a personal favourite. Which probably says volumes about my hangups. C'est le vie.

A purely symbolic cover as Lois doesn't wind up shackled to anything though she does wind up trapped into acting as a hostage for a guy with a minature A-bomb. It seems there's this scientist's assistant who's a little peeved his mentor took all the credit for a discovery he made. So he's going to blow up Metropolis unless he gets the credit he's due. Things get a bit out of hand when his boss tries to commit suicide on live-TV to make amends for causing this potential disaster. Superman stops him and Lois talks the shocked assistant into realizing the error of his ways and disarming the bomb.

Another exaggerated cover as Superman has plenty of time to save both Lois and Julie (he is faster than a speeding bullet) but winds up stuck in the quicksand (don't ask me why). Anyway this is one of those 70's Women's Lib story's where Lois and some friends set out to prove they don't need guys to help them with very ambiguous results.

Basically their back to nature hike is interrupted by a starving, escaped boa constrictor and a guru who's actually the mastermind on a ring of jewel thieves. They don't write them like this anymore ... there's still plenty of crap written but these days we have different cliches.

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